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DNA synthesis: 25 nanomole scale*

Price per base** 
(no setup fee!)
Shipping and handling
US $ 0.18 per base, no setup fee
See "S&H"
CAN $ 0.18 per base, no setup fee***
See "S&H"
All other countries
US $ 0.18 per base, no setup fee
See "S&H"
 *Only customers with accounts in good standing are eligible for this scale.  For this scale (25 nmol), we accept only VISA, Master Card, or American Express credit/debit/gift cards.  No other payment methods are acceptable for this scale (however, other payment methods are acceptable for all other synthesis scales).  The card must be working at the time of shipping, when it will be charged.  All orders at the 25 nmol scale must be placed by e-mail, using our special order form in Microsoft Excel format, please e-mail us your request for the form (the forms are not available for download from this site, because they differ by country/province, language etc., and because not everyone is eligible).  The order form will automatically calculate the price of each oligo, and the total for your order.  25 nmol (0.025 micromole) synthesis scale will yield typically slightly more than 2 OD or 10 nmol final desalted product for a 20-mer oligo.  Guaranteed minimum 2 OD260 (longer oligos) or 5 nmol (shorter oligos) for desalted non-modified oligos; modified or additionally purified oligos may yield less.  Standard purity includes free desalting.  All oligos are quantified and three different units of measure are provided to the customer.  The relation between these three units is calculated by a computer, but as an approximation for a 20 base long oligo, 10 nmole equals approx. 2 OD260 units or 60 microgram.
**Oligos longer than 35 bases, ordered "desalted" (without additional purification) are not covered by automatic free replacement warranty.  Please also read this . Oligos shorter than 10 bases are charged as 10-mers (i.e. 1.80 USD/CAD per oligo).

***The prices in Canadian dollars are valid only for customers from Canada, and are subject to government sales taxes (GST, HST, QST).  The taxes are extra (not included in the above prices).

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